Ireland’s most Christmassy woman is back

Jen Nollaig – Ireland’s most Christmassy woman has a new collection she calls Advent Garde. Deirdre McQuillan catches up with her latest festive frivolities.

“I was born in the 80s, so I feel I was never exposed to a classy side of Christmas. Foil fans hung from the roof, tinsel lined the walls and there were glitter stars and baubles in every imaginable shade. I think my appreciation of kitsch peaked then and I suppose I have been circling back to that ever since” explains Jenny Wilson aka Jen Nollaig, self-styled Christmas purist.

When it comes to festive overload, no one does it better or with more aplomb. Our feature on her first appeared in this magazine in December two years ago and went viral. The response “gives me a great source of validation” , she says and her second collection “The 25 Shades of Christmas” gained fans all over the world. “I honestly lost count at about 20 countries in which it was shared online,” she says. “I was googling translating articles in Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese ...”

She now has clients in the USA, UK as well as Ireland working with them in a collaborative process. A headpiece and matching eyewear she created for a client in New York for the Afropunk Brooklyn festival also went viral and was featured in WWD and Teen Vogue’s “31 Most Stylish People at Afropunk” list.

A graduate of Limerick School of Art who interned with Joanne Hynes, Wilson left a corporate career in London to return to Ireland. Central to her work is upcycling old garments and accessories which she finds in charity shops or online and then customises with repurposed Christmas decorations.

“I generally group a number of decorations that excite me in terms of colour or shape and the rest just happens from going with the flow of deconstructing and reconstructing them”, she says.

Her new collection is about trying to encapsulate and celebrate Christmas nostalgia featuring customized bags, shoes and shades. In her signature madcap way, for one item called Bauble Collective, she repurposed an old mohair jumper her mother knitted for herself in the 1980s “it was so wrong, it was right” she smiles. In another headpiece, she reused a porcelain angel in a green velvet dress with gold wings from her grandmother which she admired throughout her childhood.

Her take on the angel was to spray paint the frames of a pair of deconstructed visor shades and cover them with filigree pieces from an old decoration and then adding miniature trees with glitter foil stars. New this season is a charity shop coat emblazoned with more than one hundred strings of tinsel while her Candy Cane Mane has a forest of candy cane and satin baubles again from the 1980s sourced on eBay with frames decorated with pipe cleaners and glitter balls. Her philosophy has always been to leave a little sparkle wherever you go. Shrinking violets should stay well clear.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses online |

Hip NY rabbi stitches together Hasidic lifestyle with bespoke tailoring business

Yosel Tiefenbrun is a Hasidic rabbi. He is also a bespoke tailor who trained on London’s famed Savile Row. It’s a highly unusual combination that makes Tiefenbrun a unique figure in the fashion world.

Save for his kippa, it is hard to differentiate Tiefenbrun from the hipsters who populate Williamsburg, Brooklyn, home to Tiefenbrun’s smartly appointed atelier. On the day The Times of Israel interviewed him by phone, Tiefenbrun, who sports a long, well-groomed beard and round glasses, reported he was wearing purple trousers, mustard yellow socks, and a green jacket. Not for him the standard black-and-white uniform of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men.

Growing up the eldest of 10 children in a family in the Chabad community in London, Tiefenbrun fulfilled expectations and became a rabbi. He left home at 16 to study at yeshivas in New York, France, and Israel. He went on to receive rabbinical ordination while working as a shaliach (religious emissary) in Singapore.

All the while, Tiefenbrun, 30, harbored a serious interest in design and fashion. While in Singapore, he studied design for a year and interned at Harper’s Bazaar magazine. At 21, he moved to London to study cutting and tailoring at the Savile Row Academy. He apprenticed under master tailor Andrew Ramroop of Maurice Sedwell, where he dealt with many high profile clients.

Following his London training, Tiefenbrun married his wife Chaya, who works with him. The couple, who now have two young children, decided to return to Singapore for two years, where Tiefenbrun juggled rabbinic duties with tailoring. Three years ago, the family settled in the Chabad community in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and Tiefenbrun fulfilled his long-held dream of opening his own bespoke tailoring house.

Thanks to his Instagram account (@rabbitailor), Tiefenbrun had developed a following as far back as his years training on Savile Row. It didn’t take long for him to build up a clientele willing to pay at least $4,500 for a bespoke suit. Made of the finest fabrics from England and Italy, a suit takes three to four months to complete (he also offers semi-bespoke suits beginning at $2,200).

Moshe Shor, a real estate developer from North Miami Beach, said the expense is worth it. Shor, 32, is so pleased with the craftsmanship, that his wardrobe is now comprised solely of bespoke suits by Tiefenbrun, who also made him a bekishe, or long silk coat for Shabbat.

“Yosel is meticulous in his craft. It’s not just the construction and fit, it’s a very personalized and detailed service,” Shor said.

The Times of Israel asked Tiefenbrun about his initial dreams of working in women’s couture, how he handles a biblical law that affects his bespoke tailoring, and the significance of a painting that hangs in his atelier.

When did you first develop an interest in fashion?

I was very young, pre-bar mitzvah for sure. As a religious young boy we would get new clothes for the yom toyvim [Jewish holidays]. I would be more careful with my clothing and be more picky about it, even at that age. I started having an opinion about what I wore, when I wore it, and how it looked. I enjoyed getting dressed, and I enjoyed clothing. I took care of it. I hung it back in the closet properly. I would come home from shul [synagogue], put shoe trees in my shoes and put them back in the box. That has stayed with me until today. I have clothing and hats that are years old that are in perfect condition.

Where did you get your inspiration for your fashion sense?

When I went shopping to central London with my mother, I would see how men were dressed. People would dress well and I would see this and take note. My fashion sense developed over time.

I understand that you originally wanted to design women’s evening couture — a problematic profession for an Orthodox Jewish man.

In my early teens I drew women’s dresses, but I didn’t understand what it would take to run a fashion house. I wanted to design beautiful gowns and dresses. But it was understood that I could not be drawing women and that it would not be a smooth ride for me with women’s couture.

I thought that when it came to fashion that the creativity was with women’s couture, but I was wrong. Over time I realized that men’s fashion is also creative.

When I decided to pursue tailoring, I did it like Alexander McQueen. He also started off on Savile Row as an apprentice for a tailor to learn how to make a more constructed women’s garment. When I started on Savile Row, I still held out the possibility that it could lead to women’s fashion, but once I started learning tailoring and having an appreciation for fine cloths and fabrics, and I learned to cut trousers, jackets and waistcoats, my appreciation for men’s tailoring increased and I set out to do that.

How did your family and community receive your decision to go into fashion?

Once I settled on men’s tailoring, it made it easier for everyone to accept it. My family was supportive all along. Yet again, I think being the oldest, I did have to be an example for my siblings. I had to take that into account. I did go through all the years of yeshiva and I became a rabbi. The struggle was more for me — how to be a rabbi and also work in the world of design and fashion.

Who are your clients?

It’s a unique, diverse clientele. They are Jews and non-Jews. The majority of them are in their 30s and 40s, but they are of all ages. They are in a mix of fields. Usually they are people who can afford a $4,500 suit and appreciate this kind of luxury. They are at the top of their fields — CEOs, lawyers, and people who just appreciate a fine-crafted suit. They could also be a very young lawyer who has saved up for a bespoke suit.

My suits are not just for millionaires. I also have some Israeli hi-tech clients. My clients want to know who made their suit, and to have a relationship with that person.

What differentiates a bespoke suit from an off-the-rack one that is altered to fit?

Bespoke literally means handmade. A suit takes 80-plus hours of work. The whole inside is uniquely constructed, where the person can’t see it once they are wearing it, but he knows it’s there. It’s not about going wild in the patterns. It’s about the garment having been carved and moulded for the person. No one sees all the handwork that goes into it. You can just see it is a really well-made suit. It flows in harmony with the body.

The body is very three- dimensional… Imagine a flat piece of suit that has to go around all these shapes. A machine-made factory suit is very flat, two-dimensional. It doesn’t have the life that a true bespoke suit has. A bespoke suit even has life as it hangs on a hanger.

Jewish law prohibits shatnez, the wearing of a wool and linen together. How do you handle this in your business?

I will make a shatnez suit for a non-Jewish man, but not for a Jewish man. There are plenty of fabrics that we can go to without going to the one or two [fabric sample] books that are mixed wool-silk and linen.

That is a beautiful and popular mix, don’t get me wrong. But there are so many other great options. I am wearing right now a jacket which is a wool and silk mix — it’s stunning. There are linen-cotton mixes…

The options are unbelievable without having to go to the one or two books that are forbidden to a Jew.

Generally my body canvas is non-shatnez. It’s the best option out there and it’s all kosher. The only potential issue that could come up would be in the collar canvas. I use linen for non-Jewish clients, and then I have a cotton replacement — the best you can possibly get — for the collar canvas for Jewish clients.

Have you detected an increase in interest in fashion and style among Orthodox Jewish men?

I notice an increase in interest among men in general, regardless of the community they come from. Men are definitely paying more attention to what they wear and how they wear it. It’s more than a trend. It’s something happening overall, whether it’s food, cigars, or whiskey. It’s a good time for luxury and art, because people are really paying attention and interested in more of an experience of where things are made. It’s something that has an effect on everybody.

Even on the ultra-conservative Hasidim? Their black-and-white clothing style hasn’t changed in centuries.

Even they have always worried about their fashion. They are always getting new bekishes and shtreimels[tall, round fur hats]. They have always been into their clothing and getting things custom made if they want something better. Everybody wants to feel and look better. They want to be comfortable and look sharp — especially in New York, where Hasidim are working in all industries.

I happen to love color. That’s my personal style. But when it comes to bespoke, it’s not necessarily about standing out. It’s the client wearing the suit and feeling good and confident and empowered. It’s not about being flashy.

Tell me about the painting of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson that hangs over your desk at your atelier. The Rebbe was known as a dapper dresser in his youth.

The painting is by my paternal grandfather Elazar Kalman Tiefenbrun, who was an artist and a tremendous inspiration to me. I look to the Rebbe, not because he was well dressed as a young man, but because of everything else — what he has done and brought to the world.

The Rebbe was someone who wanted to connect with as many people as possible and bring them closer [to Orthodox Judaism], and that’s what I look up to him about. And there’s obviously everything else about his level as a rabbi. The fact that as a young man he dressed well is an added detail that’s really not significant to me. I don’t look at the Rebbe as a fashion icon.

Where do you see yourself professionally in the future?

I have goals and ideas, but I am letting things grow organically. I have ideas of doing ready-to-wear later on and expanding my brand in a global way. My idea is to bring style and taste to all over the world.

For now I am a bespoke tailor, and I will always be a bespoke tailor because that is my passion and those are the roots of the brand. It’s about craft and craftsmanship and attention to detail. It’s about a certain taste and style and elegance. It could be expanded to all sorts of fashions, and also potentially to interiors, too.

Do you ever just wear jeans and a t-shirt?

Yes I do. Obviously you have to look good and feel good, but you have to be comfortable. That could mean wearing a nice t-shirt or polo with a pair of jeans on a Sunday. Even the jeans you wear can be custom-made. You can get really nice t-shirts. You should be comfortable, but look good.Read more at:formal dresses australia | short formal dresses australia

Dua Lipa's new rules on fashion and her personal style

Dua Lipa works so hard that she has been on tour for two years, with one more year to go. Although for the 22-year-old British musician, performing and dressing up is less ‘work’ and more a driving passion that has existed for as long as she can remember. “I’ve always wanted to sing and perform,” she says after her Vogue shoot. “People have asked when was the first time I realised I liked music but it’s never been a thing; it’s always been around. I never had a plan B.”

So relentless is her approach to her career – stellar so far, with a list of accolades and record-breakers so long it would take up most of this paragraph to include them – that during her recent Australian tour, Lipa was forced to take time out for emergency wisdom teeth surgery. “You just have to get it done,” she says with a rueful smile on having delayed the process before it came to a head during the Australian leg. “I was like: ‘Wow, great, in Australia – I didn’t expect this!”

While many musicians are introduced to the fashion world through their music careers, Lipa says it was an interest from early on. Growing up, she would read her mother’s issues of Vogue and create scrapbooks of her favourite images. She also remembers being struck by both the sound and imagery of artists such as Pink. “That hair on her Missundaztood album!” she exclaims. “That was such a look.”

Lipa’s own style can be seen in some of the most memorable music videos of the past 12 months, such as the pop-tastic film clip for New Rules, which Lorde proclaimed to be one of her favourite music clips of the moment. “It’s not necessarily the putting together of the image that is important, but being able to represent yourself and who you are as an artist that is important to musicians,” she ponders aloud. “When I get involved in the fashion world, it’s another outlet for my creativity, another extension of my music and who I am as an artist. Fashion is an extension of what I’d like to say, another part of me, so from the very beginning I had quite a clear idea of what I like to wear.”

Embracing the silhouette of wide-legged pants with fitted tops was a logical step from her on-stage to off-duty looks, which include tracksuit sets or cropped tops (that show off her boxing-honed midriff) with matching pants, as seen in her chart-topping IDGAF video clip. She says the turtleneck with black pants (see below) was a favourite look from the Vogue shoot. “It was really cool, and the low camera angles the photographer used were really fun,” she notes astutely. “I’ve always liked to play dress-ups.” Even as a teenager, the singer experimented with her wardrobe, regularly canvassing the high street: “Different colours, different styles – I would never limit myself and would make the looks my own by accessorising and layering.”

While shopping in her local stores back home is less of an option for her, given her busy touring schedule, she still buys online, sending packages to her parents’ address. Born in London to Kosovar-Albanian parents, Lipa moved with her family back to Kosovo at the age of 11, before returning to London on her own at 15. “I always knew I wanted to sing, but didn’t realise how much until I didn’t have the opportunity to do it on the scale I wanted to,” she says of her time in Kosovo.

Three years after arriving back in London, at just 18, she signed a record deal. “That was when I realised it was real; the record deal meant I could quit my job as a waitress,” she remembers with a laugh.

Her style, it seems, sashays from boyish to feminine – like the Giambattista Valli haute couture tulle gown she wore to the Brit awards where she won Best British Female Solo Artist and British Breakthrough Act. “That was my dream dress!” she says. “I remember the box when it came in – it was humongous. When we unpacked it, the dress went on and on and went around the little island in my kitchen and so when I tried it, I couldn’t move! Piling it in the car was really tricky. I had to go into the car backwards and lie on the dress.”

On the day of the shoot the team is taken aback when Lipa turns up to the studio wearing a short, summery wrap dress that she bought at Bondi markets. “It caught my eye and I’m obsessed with it!” she says. “Day to day I dress depending on how I feel – mostly trackies and a crop top, a hoodie and a scarf and heels. Most of the time, it’s whatever won’t crease, because I have to get around really quickly!”

While Lipa is mostly identified as a pop musician, her lower-pitched voice (as a child, she was once told it was too low for choir, making her doubt her musical ability) means she can experiment more musically. “It’s crazy and surreal and exciting, all at once,” she says of achieving smash hits. In 2017, Lipa was the most streamed female artist on Spotify in the UK, beating out Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, while her track New Rules hit more than a billion views on YouTube, making her the youngest female musician to reach that mark. “I love pop music and it’s something I’ve grown up with, but my music is diverse, and I feel like that’s similar to how I like my fashion – it’s quite playful and unexpected.”Read more at:bridesmaid dresses | formal dresses

The nine wedding dress trends in 2018

Although the trend of wedding dress in 2018 is already flying, what kind of things are you thinking about? Maybe you have a phobia of choice, and it's hard to say which one is your favorite. You still have me! Combined with this year's bridal fashion week, select the most worthy of the nine wedding dresses in 2018, the wedding dress is right! Your wedding is a romantic, simple, modern, classic, sexy seduction... Just start with this wedding dress.

Most of the wedding dresses need to be bought or booked in the store, boutique and other stores, which can be closer to everyone's figure and achieve the most perfect result.

NO.1. Princess cloak.

All the Disney princesses in memory seem to have their own beautiful cape? Inspired by the princess's cloak, the designers skipped the much-loved veil and launched many chic capes this year. Long, medium and short styles, as well as the fabric of the silk or gauze, can make the bride shine like a princess.

The cloak is understated and elegant, with a sense of security. It can also make the shape of the silhouette more fluid. If you also want to play a new twist on the veil, this is the best choice for a princess cloak that is more than a veil.

NO.2 flowers will also play 3D.

The beautiful bride and always represent the delicate and beautiful flowers always inseparable. Flowers in the wedding dress and the use of the dress is also very frequent, flowers are not difficult, difficult is how to make the flowers new. With the use of new fabrics and new technologies in the fashion world, 3D flowers are becoming more common. Delicate three-dimensional decoration can give the wedding dress vitality,

Different materials can be used in the production, for example, the net yarn can also extend the three-dimensional flower layer by layer. Or matching with the wedding dress, silk fabric is a good choice. Designers will use a gradual approach to make these like real flowers "fall off" in the wedding dress, which is very rich in the whole layer.

The beautiful and beautiful flowers in the form of three-dimensional spread the whole wide skirt, overflow the life is brilliant. Tall waist line thin waist elongates leg line, it is the shape of very apparent figure.

The design of the small mop tail,

The bride wears trousers.

Maybe it's not all girls' love. The popularity of the trouser suit in 2018 is a thrill for many women who love the trouser suit. Trouser outfit has a kind of skirt that can not extreme expression is neuter and dry, modelling also can show concave and convex have the figure that gives, no more than skirt outfit inferior!

Wedding dress pants outfit more agile and gentle, the combination of the design of the ornament is full of feminine lace, chiffon or bowknot, in keep the pants ecru also expresses the wedding dress to be characteristic of women. A jumpsuit or a tailored suit is a good choice, and a trouser suit is more reflective of a woman's confidence in her body than a skirt suit.

No.4 wonderland color

The pure white wedding dress is pure and pure, but the theme of the 2018 wedding dress will no longer be limited to white. Brides can choose more pastel colors based on their skin color and favorite styles. Deep champagne, light champagne, nude powder, grey blue... These low saturation light color wedding dress, can quietly enhance your fairy temperament. Subtle aesthetic, not inferior to white wedding dress romantic, absolutely will let a person shine.

Or, as a dance after party, a toast is also a good choice.

No.5 shoulder and sleeve are good friends.

The attention and re-creation of sleeves, from fashion to wedding dress, is no exception. Especially this year, the sleeve modelling is all so fire, the wedding dress design certainly also cannot be used well. Off-shoulder has always been one of the best-loved styles for wedding designers, with women's sexy collarbone and sleek shoulder lines that can be made perfect in a one-word shoulder design.

Now, the sleeves are fused to each other with a different shape and a different look. For example, the cute and exaggerated princess bubble sleeve, the elegant lotus leaf with wide sleeves, the court's horn sleeve... Even the most basic of long sleeve, will foil the arms more slender slender.

There is a length called just right!

Short skirt is enough nifty but not steady, drag tail skirt to have the momentum but inevitable action inconvenience. This year is sure to be popular in the middle of the dress, inspiration is simply pulled out of the wardrobe of the screen goddess in the 1950s. At that time, it was very popular to have the length of the skirt on the ankle, because it would show a nice curve of the ankle. Speaking of this, I can't help but think of the goddess Audrey Hepburn, many of the dresses she wore were just the right length.

But I think you must pay attention to is that want to harness the modelling, the length of the skirt to control very subtle, and be sure to vary from person to person, after all our personal height, body proportion is different also. Some styles can be embarrassed card in the crus belly the most thick position, this can not highlight your sexy ankle, still can cause the calf to look more thick, gain not worth to lose! So, to try this retro classic for the bride, be careful about the length of the hem, and be sure to reveal only the tiniest part of the ankle!

NO.7 simple modern sense.

Simple modern sense is the style that modern urban women adore, simple is best never out of date. This year wedding dress also has a lot of outstanding contracted modern sense design, most completely do not have adornment to adorn, rely on outstanding material and shape to prop up whole gas field alone. It is worth mentioning that the simple modern sense seems to be more perfect display with silk and silk smoothness. The fabric wrapped around the natural curve of the body is elegant and unmatched.

The minimalist bride strongly recommends this type of design. Hanging on a hanger may be ordinary, but when you wear it you'll find that it's really amazing.

Sweet bow tie.

The bowknot is one of the iconic objects that girls have loved since they were young, and they grew up along the way. And on the design of the wedding dress, designers understand their needs, of course, in a different position on bowknot is an important element, whether in the waist, collar, arm, or on the back, the girls can feel the love and feelings.

This year, Victor&Rolf seems to be particularly fond of bows. This dramatic brand go catch the road line, although marriage gauze series and soon, have to bring their own artistic cells transplanted into the perfect one, not inferior at brand creative collection each season.

This mermaid dress with a breast is wrapped around the body to show the curve. Especially on the back of the skirt, there is a big bow design, perfect integration into the skirt of the radian, very thoughtful.

A flirty mini with a sprinkling of crystals all over the place. The dress features a modern round v-neck, cap sleeves, and a bow at the waist. The iconic bow was generously draped over a wide miniskirt.

A dramatic bow tie with modern stitched bras. A line skirt is characterized by A fine bow in the hem, which hangs in A large skirt and training.

Single shoulder belt design lets the bowknot that adorn behind the back as if be to be carried by the bride on the body, in the position of high waist also can be very good raise figure ratio. Asymmetry also makes this skirt special.

Deep V design, in the waist and abdomen with a lightsome tie button bow ornament. The very sexy look in itself becomes a bit young and lively. And the white also with the bright silver of the skirt itself match, perfect!

Don't know if the inspiration for this dress comes from the old fashioned clock? The oversized bow behind it looks like a string knob, and it looks like an elf.

NO.9 cascade design.

Layered designs are not just for flounces, or for cake dresses. It can be used in any part and at any Angle, but it usually shows the most fluid and moving curves on the hem. Many designers have a romantic idea, and in 2018 we will see more exciting works.

The bride puts on the laminated gauze, the lotus leaf edge enjoys light touch, the material of the light and light type makes the visual effect is not crowded, but like the water wave is nimble.

So, there is a lot of novelty in the wedding trend in 2018. Designers are also increasingly embracing new, unconventional designs. I don't know which shape moved you? It is unlikely that a wedding dress will contract all the trends, but as long as you are sure you are the one you love most, you are the most beautiful bride.Read more at:formal dresses online australia | formal dresses brisbane

Bicultural showcase of fashion

Next week iD Fashion Week kicks off with a fusion of fashion and traditional Maori performance.

Toitu Otago Settlers Museum hosts Ngai Tahu/Kai Tahu fashion designers Amber Bridgman, of Kahuwai, Fiona Clements, of Senorita AweSUMO, and Darlene Gore.

Toitu te awa Toitu te whenua Toitu Nga Wahine is an associated event of iD Fashion Week.

This year, instead of the iD railway station show, iD will focus on the iD International Emerging Designer Show.

With this new format, iD's runway shows, exhibitions, talks, fashionable installations, films and other associated events will be of great importance.

Toitu te awa Toitu te whenua Toitu Nga Wahine will be held for the first time this iD Fashion Week, giving visibility and voice to indigenous identities in our local community.

The fashion show will be teamed with performance of traditional Maori music and kapa haka, creating a unique cultural experience for its audience.

iD Fashion Week committee member Kris Nicolau speaks highly of the coming event, and its designers.

"Three words come to mind with these designers: inspirational, diverse, inclusive.

"The fact that all three are Ngai Tahu is a great testament to the tribe.

"We are delighted to be opening iD Fashion Week 2018 with our indigenous artists.''

Toitu te awa Toitu te whenua Toitu Nga Wahine mirrors that of the Miraomoda showcase, an annual show held by the Indigenous Maori Fashion Apparel Board (IMFAB) in association with New Zealand Fashion Week.

Shows like these are of great importance to the diversity of such events, and have the potential to elevate Maori fashion design locally and internationally

All three designers contribute a unique narrative to the showcase.

Indigenous New Zealand designer Fiona Clements will showcase at Toitu as Senorita AweSUMO.

The local fashion activist hails from Waitati, and is of Scottish and Maori (Kai Tahu) descent.

Clements is a zero-waste fashion designer and textile practitioner whose environmentally conscious values are reflected in her designs.

Her collection, peakplastique, to be presented at next week's iD Fashion event critiques the throw-away culture of the fashion industry. Through her environmentally-driven approach to design, Clements offers an alternative narrative to the wasteful excesses of the fashion industry.

This welcomed collection story will closely follow Fashion Revolution Week, a global initiative that Clements drives for Dunedin that aims to challenge the mistreatment of workers and the environment.

Another local Dunedin fashion designer and multiskilled artist showing is Amber Bridgman, the creative director of fashion label Kahuwai.

Bridgman presented her work at the Global Indigenous Runway for the Melbourne Fashion Festival last year and draws inspiration from her cultural heritage linking to Kai Tahu, Kati Mamoe, Waitaha and Rabuwai.

Bridgman's collection, Te Ao Marama, features traditional garments fashioned into contemporary design using feathers, hand-printed silks and hand-woven natural fibres, with accessories drafted from vintage fabrics. This presentation is a testament to her wide-ranging skill set.

Her piece "Hine Te Wai'' will be shown at Toitu Museum from tomorrow and is a preview of what is to come.

Ngai Tahu designer Darlene Gore will also showcase her latest work at the event.

Inspired by classic design and high-end natural fabrics, and driven by a love for fine tailoring, Dunedin-born Gore is a strong presence in our local fashion industry.

Contributions to Maori fashion have been seen previously in 2015 when Gore showed at New Zealand Fashion Week's Miramoda showcase. Hers is an endeavour that gives voice and visibility to Maori through fashion.

iD chairwoman and creative director Prof Margo Barton is looking forward to the event.

"Three very different and very important fashion voices to be highlighted'' says Barton.

She speaks highly of the designers, two of whom are graduates from Otago Polytechnic where she is professor of fashion, specialising in fashion design, fashion communication and millinery.

"From the slick tailoring of Darlene Gore, to the stunning creative craftwork of Amber Bridgman, and passionate fashion activist Senorita AweSUMO. They will all delight and challenge.''

Toitu te awa Toitu te whenua Toitu Nga Wahine is a significant and important contribution to iD Fashion Week, and the wider fashion community.Read more at:long formal dresses australia | formal dresses online australia

Why are all the stars going to the wedding dress?

 But don't be blue and thin, letinous edodes. Sooner or later, everyone will have a single day! Whether it's single or ready to get married, it's always a matter of time to shoot wedding dresses, isn't it? First, go and see where people go to take wedding photos.

  Romantic summer mood in Bali IslandBali Island is not only a place where celebrities get together to do weddings, but the natural blue sea and blue sky are also suitable for wedding photography. In addition to the sandy beach, the sea water is blue and the four seasons are warm, there are many luxury hotels in Bali Island. They can also take a vacation while they are viewing.

  Therefore, the big power, Hawick Lau, Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo also set the wedding photo location in the romantic Bali Island.

  Beautiful paradise in the Southern Hemisphere - New ZealandAs one of the most beautiful countries in Oceania, New Zealand is also the rare clean land in the world. The soil and water resources are not polluted. The beauty of the scenery is pure and unaffected. No wonder the Lord of the rings is also looking for it here.

  Although Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi are also in Bali Island's wedding, they choose to take wedding photos in the New Zealand paradise, which may be the natural ornaments of this pure land.

  360 degrees of beauty without a dead angle - ParisIn Napoleon's eyes, Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. Indeed, in the eyes of the people who love it, the countless treasures of Le Louvre Museum, the inaccessible Notre virgin and the luxurious Champs Elysees street can all be intoxicated in the unique flavor of Paris!

  Romantic goddess Gao Yuanyuan and Angelababy are willing to freeze their most beautiful images on the streets of Paris.

  Both poetic and mysterious - Prague

  In the eyes of Kafka, Goethe, Mozart, Nietzsche and Kundla, the beauty of Prague is indescribable. Stepping into the complex stone alleys and looking at the dreamy town reflected in the sunset clouds, you may also understand why Prague is so enchanting.

  Jay Chou, with a dream of princess, gave a fairy tale vow to Kun Ling in Prague. The special talented person, Deron and Hsu Chi, who were indifferent and tranquil, also suddenly had a lifelong impulse to stay in Prague. It seems that Prague is indeed a city in love.

  The capital of literature and art - Florence

  When I mention Florence, I think of FERRERO ROCHER chocolate and Pinocchio. Of course, Florence has more fun. The street craftsmen, the musicians who play the violin, and the museums, the art galleries and the churches everywhere will make you fall in love with the town! The young people who like hi may be lost. There are few entertainment places such as nightclubs, dance halls and so on. People love golf and play football.

  Karen Mok married the first love in Italy when she was studying abroad. The wedding dress was chosen in Florence. Without exaggeration, only the most natural dependence is romantic.

  The paradise of the world - Bhutan

  The world's last open television and network country, the popularity of mobile phones even only 30%, there is no railway, is such a magical country, Bhutan people's happiness index is very high! The king of Bhutan attached the most importance to the happiness of the people. Every Bhutanese had houses and land. They did not pay money for seeing a doctor. They also enjoyed 11 years of free education.

  Carina Lau and Tony Leung's wedding photos are special and full of religious color. It is said that the two people chose to be married in Bhutan because Carina Lau had been troubled by emotional problems, moved by the French king Karmapa in India, and Bhutan was also a sign of marriage by Karmapa, the king of France.

  Distant and ideal -- Australia

  The blue sky, the pure lake water, the sprout Kola kangaroo, and the unrestrained attitude of Australians, make people want to stay in Australia for a minute.

  Vivian Hsu and her husband Li Yunfeng's wedding photo, or street style, or wilderness style, funny and cute!

  No fire between people - Tahiti

  The "Rainbow" of Banana Yoshimoto, a famous Japanese writer, tells about a girl's boundless yearning for a Tahiti. In order to go to a Tahiti, he spent a few years of his savings. Do you think Tahiti is worth it? Away from the turmoil, return to the most authentic life, encounter the most magical legend, lived a pure life one thousand years ago! Looking around the sea, counting the stars, agreeable will make you feel that everything is worth it!

  Of course, is it better to put on a wedding dress here, freeze frames, blue sky, beach, beauty and white gauze?

  The holy land of Carnival - Ibiza Island

  Ibiza island is a small island belonging to Spain. It literally means "Carnival, music and dance". And Ibiza itself is indeed an exuberant Island, a restless electronic music, a frenzied foam party, and in Ibiza you can completely enjoy playing!

  Many stars love Ibiza too. Shakira, Paris Hilton and Berlin Chan are here on vacation. Gigi Leung left the happiest look here.

  The southern state of love - Sanya

  People are yearning for the style of European architecture. When choosing wedding photos in foreign countries, they often neglect many distinctive cities in China. And Sanya is the best for honey loving lovers. There is no shortage of delicious food. This is a city you don't want to leave when you come.

  The wedding photo of Wang Lei and Li Xiaomeng was filmed in Sanya. The sea shore with light waves and simple and simple old buildings are the sweet background of a pair of happy pictures.

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 Bridesmaid choose dress recommendations

 1, the color should be purple, green, pink, gray, burgundy, beige, etc. is appropriate. You shouldn't wear big reds to prevent you from seizing the Lord and you shouldn't wear black, etc.

  2, fabrics, the summer can choose chiffon, silk and other light and elegant fabrics, autumn and winter can turn to velvet, knitted texture, even more noble and generous.

  3, try to choose a well-cut outline, try to choose a good shape of building materials, such as: sexy knee-length skirt or similar 70's elegant dress.

  4, to participate in the wedding, to render a more full-bodied atmosphere of happiness, a pink knee-length dress is the best choice, light fabrics and colors will make you more intimate with the warm wedding atmosphere.

  5, we must pay attention to avoid wearing a small white dress Oh!

  6, dress like a cheongsam paragraph: a conservative style is on the election. For example, a small collar with Chinese elements is good. This dress can be worn for office and appointments and will not waste money for you.

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