DWS Holiday Survey


Duke standouts Malinda Allen, Cassie Pecht and EJ Proctor reflected on what they were most looking forward to this Christmas holiday, family traditions and much more. Happy Holiday from the Blue Devil family to yours.

What are you most excited for this holiday season?

Malinda Allen: It is always great to spend time with my family because we live pretty far apart from each other. But, Christmas is a time that we get to spend together. It is also great to see old high school friends over the break as well.

EJ Proctor: Spending time with my family, cooking delicious beef tenderloin at Christmas dinner, and not having to do work!! I'm also going to New York and I'm excited about that.

Cassie Pecht: I look forward to relaxing and spending quality time with my family and friends. It is difficult to get my entire family together in one state, so winter break is always a special time for everyone to come home.

What are some of your family’s holiday traditions?

Allen: We do a lot of baking and cooking over the holidays which I always enjoy. Also, every Christmas since I was little we have a “Midnight Visitor" who comes to the house. My dad usually dresses up as different characters like Santa Claus, the Wise Men or baby Jesus. When we were little my mom and dad would wake up my brother and sisters and I at midnight. Then they would read us the Christmas story from the Bible. We would also get to open one present. The “Midnight Visitor” is still one of my favorite Christmas traditions and I usually convince my dad to still be the “Midnight Visitor” for us. We will see what he comes up with this year.

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Proctor: Everyone comes to our house for Christmas which is nice! Another thing I really enjoy is Christmas Eve eggnog with my mom that morning.

Pecht: My family decorates the house, including the Christmas tree, while blasting Christmas music and singing along as loudly as possible. We also decorate gingerbread houses and love to eat homemade chocolate chip cookie dough. Every Christmas Eve we watch The Christmas Express, and everyone gets to open one present.

Does your family decorate to get in the holiday spirit?

Allen: My dad and brother usually get the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. Then whoever is home helps to decorate the tree and the house.

Proctor: Of course we do! All the reindeer and Santa are up in the front yard.

Pecht: Yes! We have a Santa Claus collection so there are about 100 Santas located all over the house. We decorate a huge tree in our living room and hang up stockings on our fireplace.

What sort of food does your family enjoy over the holidays?

Allen: We like making and decorating sugar cookies.

Proctor: Prior to Christmas, we eat yummy baked lasagna, but at Christmas dinner we eat beef tenderloin.

Pecht: We enjoy prime rib roast on Christmas Eve, turkey (basically Thanksgiving dinner again!) on Christmas Day, and Pork and Sauerkraut on New Year’s Day.

What is your favorite gift that you received as a child?

Allen: A bike that I got in middle school comes to mind when I think about presents. I also remember a pink roller coaster set that I got for my dolls that I really liked when I was younger.

Proctor: Probably my Iditarod dog sled on wheeled. I was obsessed with huskies and the Iditarod, a dog sled race, and I used to force my golden retriever to pull me around on a sled that was made for land.

Pecht: Definitely the bright pink Barbie Jeep. I loved driving it through our neighborhood; I thought I was so cool.

Do you listen to holiday music at all?

Allen: Right now I have been listening to the Justin Bieber Christmas album along with the Michael Buble album.

Proctor: The person I'm dating strongly believes in listening to Christmas music starting in November, so this year, it has been playing constantly.

Pecht: Yes we listen to holiday music while decorating the house and cooking/baking.

What is your favorite holiday movie?

Allen: My favorite Christmas movie is It’s a Wonderful Life.

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