Kick off the new year by breaking old fashion rules


Now that Christmas has been neatly put away until next year, it’s time to prepare for a new year. For the purposes of this column, I’m talking about what is new in the style world for 2016.

As always, changes are being made and new trends are just waiting to be unveiled for the upcoming year.

If there’s one thing that fashion’s pretty famous for, it’s the long list of supposed dos and don’ts. Never wear white after Labor Day. Ditch the horizontal stripes. Make sure everything matches perfectly. It can be stressful, to say the least, sucking the fun out of something many may use to express themselves.

So as we all ring in 2016, let’s solve some of our style dilemmas by breaking some rules. The following are 15 rules that are best left in 2015, along with some fashion resolutions ensuring that it’s our best dressed year yet.

Rule to break: Always keep your socks hidden.

Resolution: Show off your favorite pair by wearing them with pumps and sandals. It’s an unexpected take on a classic look.

Rule to break: Never wear your clothing backwards.

Resolution: Turns out our 5-year-olds know what they are doing by turning their clothes backwards. It is now a fashion trend for the adults. Button-downs, crop tops, harness belts — bloggers and celebrities alike have proven that sometimes, turning an item around can give it a fun new twist.

web dress with tennis shoes
picture: grey bridesmaid dresses

Rule to break: Curvy, petite, tall, etc. women can’t wear certain styles.

Resolution: Forget the rules because it’s all about the fit. Search for look work for your body and flatter your figure.

Rule to break: A button-down should be worn as a basic staple.

Resolution: Wrap and tuck it, wear it as a dress, turn it around: there are a ton of ways to style this classic item. Get creative, and try something new.

Rule to break: You can only wear dresses and skirts with heels.

Resolution: Dress down fancy ensembles with a cool pair of kicks.

Rule to break: Everything must match.

Resolution: Stripes, leopard print and polka dots are practically neutrals at this point. Wear them with other fun prints of a similar scale to mix things up.

Rule to break: Ditch all-white looks after Labor Day.

Resolution: Winter whites are a big trend this season, so don’t pack up those pants and skirts just yet.

Rule to break: Labels are very important.

Resolution: Shopping at fast-fashion stores is a great way to try a popular trend without breaking the bank.

Rule to break: Suits should stay at the office.

Resolution: From the red carpet to date night, suits are being worn in place of super feminine dresses. Keep things casual with a graphic tee or skip a shirt altogether, showing off a lacy or strappy bra.

Rule to break: Metallics only work at night.

Resolution: Sequins and pops of gold make every day looks a lot more interesting, helping you steal the spotlight and stand out in a crowd.

Rule to break: Less is more when it comes to accessories.

Resolution: Stack your jewels, especially rings, for a look that’s equal -parts edgy and glam.

Rule to break: Go with the affordable knockoff rather than designer.

Resolution: Whether it’s a bag you’ve been lusting after, a versatile leather jacket or a classic pair of pumps, making an investment is oftentimes worth it. Especially with pieces from trusted and well-known designers, you’re paying for better material and overall quality, and it’ll probably last you for years to come.

Rule to break: Make sure your bra isn’t showing.

Resolution: If your shirt’s a little baggy or see-through, don’t fret. Just add a lacey, strappy or colorful bra and let it peek out from underneath your outfit, creating a sexy (yet covered up) ensemble.

Rule to break: Never wear colored tights.

Resolution: Give basic black a break and opt for another dark neutral like wine or navy.

Rule to break: Overalls are meant for children.

Resolution: Just like a jumpsuit, this one-and-done item will help you get dressed in a flash, pairing well with basic T-shirts and sweaters.

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