The Rag & Bone Sample Sale's Best Opening Day Picks


The frigid weather didn't stop anyone from lining up outside the Rag & Bone sample sale this morning at the Chelsea Market. When the doors opened at 10:30am, the queue of about 75 people rushed in and the wonderful madness of the sample sale began. Shoppers had so many jeans, tee-shirts, and bags piled in their arms that a few were wearing multiple hats on their heads while waiting in the formidable checkout line.

Right inside the doors are men's shoes and ties. Sample shoes are priced at $95, while regular sneakers are $150 and boots are $225. There didn't appear to be a lot of stock, and all styles were going quickly. To the right past the shoes is a table of men's sweaters ($120) and the women's dressing rooms.

To the left and extending towards the front of the space is a massive table of men's and women's jeans (about $90, up from $85 last time). The price varies depending on embroidery and/or leather detail. This section was very well-stocked but absolutely mobbed, so expect to be fighting your way into the area with your size.

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Right before the stairs is the rest of the men's apparel. Men's tee-shirts ($50), sweaters ($120), and dress and sport shirts ($98) are piled on tables in the center of the space. Blazers ($250), coats ($350), and pants ($120) are hanging on racks along the walls. A few styles of men's bags ($275) and hats ($85) are on a shelf at the top of the stairs.

The women's section at the top of the stairs starts with Jean outerwear ($250) and white button-down shirts and dresses ($98) to the left. Full line tees ($65), shirts and tops ($100), and sweaters ($135) are piled on tables in the middle. Shelves of hats ($85), leather bags (small styles are $195, larger ones are $275), and small leather goods ($125) are placed sporadically throughout the room.

Coats, jackets, and blazers are on racks on the right-hand side of the room. Prices start at $215 for vests, blazers, and sweater jackets. Leather jackets are $495 (there are only a few styles) and what is there is mostly suede. We saw a cropped peacoat for $350 and a leather parka for $850, too.

Rag & Bone/Jean tee-shirts ($45), long-sleeved tee-shirts ($55), and sweaters ($85) are on tables towards the front of the space. This area was totally disheveled, but sales staff was working quickly to re-stock and fix it up. Shoes are in the back left-hand corner — Sample styles are one-of-a-kind and priced at $95, while regular flats are $150 and boots and heels are $225.

The rest of the women's apparel is hanging on racks along the left-hand side of the space. We weren't thrilled with the selection, but there is a good range of sizes available. Shirts and tops are priced at $100, dresses are $150, and pants and skirts are $125. For leather, dresses are $450, separates are $300, and the Simone pant, which is listed but we didn't happen to see, is $450.

There are boxes of backstock piled throughout the space, so we expect that the merchandise will be refreshed a few times. The sale runs through Sunday at 3pm; check out the Dealfeed below for more details.

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