5 sunscreen mistakes you're probably making

5 sunscreen mistakes you're probably making (Getty Images)
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Summer's well and truly here, which means that everyone's going sunscreen crazy. However, it isn't enough to slather on sunscreen just before you head outside. Here are some common mistakes that people make when it comes to sunscreen:

Wearing old sunscreen

If you don't use sunscreen regularly , you may end up using an old one that's been lying around in a bag from your last beach vacation, or one that you've forgotten was in your glove compartment through the winter months. It's important to check the expiry date before you use it and if it's past that, throw it away. Do the same thing if you've kept sunscreen in a hot place like the glove compartment because heat can cause active ingredients in it to break down and potentially harm your skin.

Not using sunscreen often enough

You need to use sunscreen all through the year, even during the monsoon and winter. This is because we are exposed to UV radiation, which is what sunscreen protects your skin against, all the time. You also need to reapply sunscreen every few hours because it gets absorbed by the skin, just like moisturizer.

Relying on sunscreen in your makeup

This is a big no-no because the SPF in your moisturizer or foundation usually isn't high enough to really protect your skin against UV radiation.Also, it's best to use sunscreen over your makeup so that it gives your skin the best possible protection.

Not using sunscreen indoors

Many people don't realize that they are exposed to UV radiation even when they're out of the sun, like when they're in their cars or offices. Your skin is still exposed to it even when your car windows are rolled up, or when the office window that you sit next to is closed but the blinds aren't closed. Moreover, there are studies that say that the fluorescent lights used in offices can emit UV radiation, so it's important to apply sunscreen even if all you do is head from your car to work and back again.

Not applying sunscreen every where

Most people apply sun screen only to the parts of their body that are directly exposed to sunlight.However, not all fabrics are UV-resistant, so you also need to apply sunscreen to parts of your body that are covered up by your clothes before you wear them.See more at:white formal dresses