The Genius Way a Manicure Could Protect You From Date Rape



From a very early age, women learn that no matter how comfortable they are in the moment, they could potentially be in danger. Even if they're having fun at a party or at a bar, and even if the man handing them a drink seems charming, many women have a voice in their heads saying, "Is this safe to drink?" A new product aims to answer that question and make women feel more in control of their safety.

A company called Undercover Coluors has created a nail polish that will change colours if it comes in contact with common date rape drugs such as Rohypnol (roofies) or ecstasy. The woman wearing the nail polish just needs to stick her finger in her drink and stir. If these drugs are detected, the lacquer will change colours.

Although the real problem is the pervasive rape culture that convinces men they are entitled to women's bodies, this varnish might be a great tool for women to avoid said men. Hopefully, once this polish makes date rape drugs easily detectable, it will dissuade predators from using them. While this product may not change the horrible reality that one in five women experiences sexual violencein her lifetime, it is a major step for women to gain some control over their safety.

The colour-changing innovation was invented by four engineering students at North Carolina State University who wanted to find a way to help their female friends stay safer while dating and going to bars. It's comforting to see that some young men understand the dangers present for women and want to help find solutions.

On Undercover Colour's Facebook page, many women are asking when this polish will launch and have been since the information about this product became available on the page in 2014. Every recent inquiry is answered with a comment saying, "Much to come in 2017 . . . be sure to sign up on our website for updates!" We hope this means it will be available for purchase soon.Read more at:celebrity dresses