Switch off from the virtual world


fitness plan day 317-THS
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We spend more than half of our day looking at some screen or electronic gadget. Try and refrain from it especially when you wake up and go to bed. Your mind needs some relaxation and constantly staring at the screen can cause strain on the eyes too. So switch off from the virtual world whenever you can.

Morning – Step in your balcony or go to the terrace or a nearby park. Close your eyes and focus on the natural sounds of birds chirping. Breathe in the fresh air and do some yoga and meditation. You will be back home feeling much lighter and peaceful.

Breakfast – If you haven’t tried fruit and yoghurt muesli before, you are going to wonder why? Chop some fresh fruits of your choice, add some nuts to the muesli and top it with plain yoghurt. You may use a spoon of honey if required.

Lunch – A protein and fibre rich sabzi can be the perfect accompaniment to rotis or rice which pack the required carbohydrates. Make turai moong chana sabzi today. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor has given this bland and boring turai, a delicious and healthy twist.

Snacks – Puffed rice is light yet very filling. Instead of the regular bhel which may add a few calories because of the mixture present in it, you can try mixing puffed rice with onion, tomatoes, chilli powder, salt and lime juice. The combination works just perfectly for snack time.

Dinner – If you have some multigrain crackers or ragi nachos, enjoy it with barley soup for dinner. Unlike other clear soups, this one is loaded with fibre which keeps constipation at bay. Barley not just aids weight loss but keeps diabetes in check too.


At home – Fitness expert Urmi Kothari suggests some easy home exercises that anyone can do to lose weight at home. These also include a warm-up and stretching routine to prepare your body to burn more calories. Try it today.

Yoga – If you are going to make time for yoga during the evening today, then try these yoga poses that help induce sound sleep. The asanas don’t stress you out and can be easily performed by beginners too.

At the gym – If you are confused about doing dumbbell bench presses correctly, then you must watch this video of dumbbell bench press by fitness trainer Kaizzad Capadia. You’ll be glad you added this exercise to your routine.

Sleep well tip – As mentioned before, stay away from the virtual world. You obviously have checked your phone and social media accounts several times during the day. Now put your phone away for at least 2 hours before you go to bed and check it only after breakfast the next morning.Read more at:formal wear brisbane