When the magic happens for women


Michele Bilsborrow of Cheeky Coutures in Red Deer speaks to women about how to dress for your body type and fashion personality during the Women's Day Out event March 25 in Penhold.
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Connecting women, supporting women and celebrating women.

The Town of Penhold held its Women’s Day Out event March 25 at the Memorial Hall to help mark International Women’s Day (March 8).

“I think we had a good turnout,” said Jamie Seiyama, family resource coordinator for the Town of Penhold.

A total of 39 women registered for the event and enjoyed several guest speakers on a range of topics including how to dress for your body type, mental health issues and empowerment.

“We had Vicki Fox-Smith with the Canadian Mental Health Association and she did a session about self care,” said Seiyama.”It was just reminding women to take care of themselves.

The event shared ways that women can feel good, look good and be empowered, and included the physical, mental and social aspects of being a woman, noted Seiyama.

Women came from Penhold, Innisfail, Pine Lake and Red Deer to take part in activities and listen to guest speakers. They also enjoyed a catered lunch by Devine’s Café in Penhold and a time of connecting with other women.

“It’s about celebrating women, helping reinforce some of those skills that sometimes we forget as mothers, seniors, (wives and women),” she added.

“It’s amazing to see the connection that people are having at their tables talking to each other and reinforcing that social connection and bond as well. It’s really important.”

One of the guest speakers was Michele Bilsborrow of Cheeky Coutures in Red Deer, who spoke on how to dress for your body type.

“We found dressing for your body type and your fashion personality is when the magic happens for women,” said Bilsborrow. “Where we come together, we come into our own and we’re empowered through fashion.

“We make fashion fit us instead of us trying to fit into fashion,” she added. “In the boutique world, you have that ability to work with professionals who understand clothing and more importantly understand you and how to make that clothing work for you.”

“Today was really about teaching these women how to dress for who they are.”

Jennifer Blaylock, FCSS coordinator with the Town of Penhold, said the event returned after a short break for several years and with its success, they look to continue holding Women’s Day Out events.

“Attendance was great. People have really shown that they want it back in this community,” said Blaylock. “I think we will do it again next year. It’ll be fun.”Read more at:australian formal dresses