Some trippy trouser trends


This summer, give trousers the attention they deserve and, in return, develop a unique style statement. Comfort stays a constant companion as you experiment with the fabric, fitting and colours.

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Designed as a military clothing initially, cargos are an extremely popular choice. While the baggy nature ensures some essential air flow and guarantees comfort, the four to six pockets the trousers come with will let you carry things like phones and wallets around, sparing you from the trouble of carrying a bag around.


Khadi, the Indian homespun cotton cloth, is one of the best summer choices, says Ganesh Nallari, a city-based fashion designer. “They are the best of comfort fits. I’ve been experimenting a lot with colours like lime green that bring about a fresh feel in the attire,” he says.

Dhoti pants

Dhoti pants can bring a desi twist and uniqueness to your attire, shares Ganesh. Experiment with neutral tops to emphasise on the pants, which have a vibrant variety in terms of colours, patterns and fabrics to offer.

Turkish trousers

Also known as dimije, these baggy trousers are gathered tightly at the ankle. The costume which is part of the Turkish folk is comfort and unique style rolled in one, says Ganesh.


Chinos are a subtle variation to khaki. This extremely versatile clothing, which comes in striking diversity of colours, can serve to be an office wear too. They go with any kind of tops and footwear, and offer the same comfort that cotton-based trousers do.Read more at:sydney formal dress shops