Cate Blanchett went goth to embrace her pale skin


Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett used to celebrate being pale by rocking a goth look.

The double Oscar-winning actress has often opened about her fair complexion, but has now spoken about the lengths she went to in order to embrace her appearance during her younger years.

"I grew up in Australia with this hole in the ozone layer right over our houses so it was all about staying out of the sun - which is why I'm very pale - but when I was at school, being bronzed was the thing to be," she told Britain's Stylist magazine. "So, I was always the outsider of that aesthetic; I just went goth instead, I celebrated being pale."

The Carol star, 47, also discussed how her mother June influenced her beauty decisions, especially when it comes to scents. Cate is currently the face of Giorgio Armani perfume Si and over the years she has relied on fragrances to help her get into character for her various jobs - from film roles to stage productions.

"Yes, I realised that with my mother," she smiled when explaining how perfume helps her take on someone else's persona. "I couldn't tell you what perfume she wore, but whenever I went into her wardrobe, it smelled of her.

"Or even one day I borrowed a coat of hers and it smelled of her. And the scent is so full of memory. So, to me, it's always been a conduit into the life of someone else."

Cate further recalled how much she used to love watching her mother dress up, especially as it happened so rarely after the actress' father died when she was just 10 years old.Read more | semi formal dresses