A night of fashion brilliance



Aarong, the country's prime fashion brand held a Fashion Gala Evening at Radisson Blu Dhaka on May 13, proving again why it is the pioneer in the field of fashion and styling.

With a restricted, invite- only scheduling, Aarong reserved the show only to its priority customers and to a classified list of social elites.

At the fashion show, Aarong introduced brand new styles for all its jewelry lines; silver, gold, pearl and fashion. Every design was unique and fit to be donned by the modern, independent woman.

There was much talk amongst the crowd regarding the freshly launched sub-brand, 'Her-Story'; Aarong did not disappoint anyone, as the up-to-the-minute chic fashion line matched the pre-established hype.

Each piece was grand, sophisticated, local and classic in every context; the fresh new line simply uplifted the meaning of grandiose to a brand new level.

Aarong included another one of its famous line, 'Taaga' in an all new Bohemian appearance. Each Taaga piece represented comfort to the ultimate level, synchronised with style and sensitivity.

The much-awaited Eid fashion line-up in a Mughal theme was equally attractive, with inspiration driven from the alleged era's architecture, paintings and motifs.

Choreographed by Azra Mahmood, the exclusive fashion show was managed superbly. Soothing, contemporary Bangla music by Bappa Mazumder and Chirkutt also entertained the guests while they were waiting for queues to enter the ramp.Read more at:formal dresses sydney