Winter is all about making the most of the cosy factor



I'm sitting in a deep armchair with the fire roaring, my dogs are tucked up beside me in a woolly beanbag and it's gloomy outside. Winter has started and I couldn't be happier.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good sunny day as much as the rest of us, but nothing beats the cosy pleasure of feeling snug and warm, tucked up inside. The designer in me also loves this change of season as it gives me an excuse to redesign spaces to suit the colder weather and how we react to these shorter days.

It's like a spring-clean but autumn styles. A chance to pop away the linen throws and cotton cushion covers and break out the sensual warm fabrics and homewares that are showing up on the home design scene.

Usually I do all my buying for the AFD Store a season out, just like the fashion industry, the homewares world works within seasons and designs accordingly.

In February I was handling richly hued velvets, super soft woollens, faux furs and brushed cottons and now they are starting to filter into our shops and into our homes with welcome abandon.

Winter is here and so is the cosy-factor.

Brands like Kip and Co, General Eclectic, Bo Concept, Country Road and Citta have embraced warmth and added not only a breath of warming materials but a complimentary colour palette that only adds to the lusciousness.

While all completely different in their style offering they all give us something for our homes that will compliment this colder weather and not let us ache for the summer sun, but to enjoy the winter feels in our homes.

Colour also has a major influence on seasonal homewares and there is a plethora of shades that are being showcased in products, furniture and interior design.

Pigment rich tones of burgundy, royal blue, aubergine and deep browns are big players as well as the colour de jour, green. Not any old green either, think mossy, muddy and intense green that is regal and intense.

These colours are showing up in furniture, fabrics, throws, cushions, baskets, ceramics, lighting and accessories. Homewares imitating fashion, yes, I do believe so.

We are in a season of change and change is good. Forget the spring-clean let's embrace the autumn-clean and open our design arms to the warm-inducing homewares that we are being shown.Read more at:semi formal dresses