Girls State columnist notes fashion trends


Hundreds of girls started packing for ALA South Dakota Girls State a few weeks ago, and others started the day before arriving. One thing they may all have in common is the thought, ‘What clothes should I bring/wear?’

This question may have gone through every girl’s mind as they packed, and they probably asked their mom as well as other friends who have attended or are attending this year for their fashion opinions and advice.

All the delegates are dressed to the nines, but these outfits don’t come together as easily as they are portrayed. There are multiple trips to the store and maybe a few nervous breakdowns on the way; but in the end, everything works out.

Some girls will pick out their outfits based on trend. From Detroit, Alice Sheehan wore a beautiful red dress and dark nude sandals Tuesday. To pull the look together she carried a nude colored bag. Her look is classy yet unique and fashionable at the same time.

“The trends at girls state are definitely Birkenstocks and loose, flowy dresses,” Sheehan said.

All the delegates have their own sense of style: bohemian, classy, modern, elegant, preppy, and many more. Nobody is ever categorized in one style ­— most girls have a mixed style showing her distinctive clothing choices. Sometimes a certain part of an outfit stands out among the crowd, be it the bracelet on the wrist and how it compliments the outfit or how their hair is styled. Every little detail makes an outfit look unique.

One thing some girls cannot live without are stylish shoes. From Minneapolis, Kailey Feiner’s shoes stole the show. Trendy is one way to describe Feiner’s style. Tuesday she modeled a gorgeous flowy green dress. Her wedge heels complimented her outfit by adding a pop of color. The simple yet elegant style turned heads and was alluring.

“Jewelry, I think, pulls the outfit together,” Feiner said.

Some girls went for a cute and fun look, while others went for a strict business style. Sydney Stofferahn, St. Paul, sported a black knee-length skirt and a black jacket to match with a complimenting red undershirt. The look was elegant, serious and it meant business.

“It shows how serious I am about being here,” said Stofferahn about her style choices. “When I change into other clothes it shows the girls in my city the other side of me.”

Clothes have the ability to make people feel better about themselves, and during Girls State, clothes often portray how people feel in the environment.

“In order to feel good about what you are doing, you must feel good about yourself, because the way you feel about yourself reflects on the way you act and carry yourself,” Stofferahn said.

Outfits play a big role in everyday life, but in professional environments such as Girls State, it is important to try and present yourself with confidence and poise. What another person wears to feel confident is not what you have to wear to feel confident. Empower yourself by being yourself.Read more at:QueenieAu | celebrity dresses