See the diaporamaVous have planned to take a few days of vacation in the mountain ? Marieluvpink you book his good plans to be the best equipped on the snow-covered slopes.

You’re heading to the mountain for fun on the slopes or for relaxing at the foot of the chalet, it is necessary that you be well equipped. Check out my tips to not end up refrigerated after two hours.

A comfortable and stylish

Forget the combination – a little outdated and not very practical – and bet instead on a set chic, the leather jacket will serve you in the city. I opted for an outfit of at Fusalp, which in my opinion is the rolls royce of held ski. There you will find a collections man, woman or child, always trendy and very well cut.

The brand is going to make private sales, simply, to enjoy them, subscribe to their newsletter.

The heated gloves

This is a budget to predict, so it will not lose or forget them, but the brand Outdoor Research offers gloves…. heated. They operate using a single battery and can broadcast up to 4 hours of heat. Otherwise, think about the heaters.

The mask latest

Scott created the mask Len exchange Goggle features a system of sliding screen. This product is simple and reliable, and allows you to quickly change the screen without touching the surface. Ideal to adapt to the changes of brightness to the mountain. But maybe a little less tan lines !

Cute shoes anti-slip

The après-ski is good, but – in addition to taking up all the space in your suitcase – this is not very sexy. Moon Boot launched a collection of sneakers to keep you warm and ensure you don’t slip.

Some models, available on the eshop, are on sale. This is the moment to go for it !

A bonnet… technical

Leave your cap city – which won’t be suitable – at home and opt for models specifically designed for mountain. The French brand Pipolaki, founded in 1962, offers creations based in cashmere, alpaca or angora, combined with technical materials such as Gore-Tex. Each model is equipped with a fleece lining, which is essential for the skiers.

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