Juun.J launches Spring 2018 menswear collection


Juun.J recently launched its Spring 2018 menswear collection. The collection has oxfords and pinstriped blousons meant for both men and women. Models were found wrapped, draped, and spun into something that was, sort of surprisingly, quite graceful.

Designer beamed with pride to have added both men’s and women’s wear to the collection with a lot of commonality, men can wear women’s wear and vice versa. The knee-grazing and hand-sheathing button-downs looking breezy impressed both men and women. The sexless imaginings of the designer’s focus is commendable.

The collection has a beautifully crisp white maxi shirtdress that gives away the look of the entire collection. For men, elongated tailoring on suiting is a highlight of the menswear. The theme of this collection is “contract and expand.” Mostly the ensembles were in their expanded form. Then there’s a Juun.J signature look: layered and multi-hued trench coats, as big and swishy. The overall feel of the collection is belted and bold, but it’s quite wearable. The collection adds a little grit to the grace of the wearer.

Juun.J graduated from ESMOD Seoul in 1992 and worked at many prestigious fashion houses before creating his own label "Lone Costume" in 1999. In 2007, with the world as his stage, Juun.J debuted his namesake label during Paris Men’s Fashion Week. By deconstructing traditional ideas in menswear, Juun.J quickly established himself as the most innovative designer to watch during fashion week. The year 2012 marked another momentous year for Juun.J as he became part of Cheil Industries to truly become global and meet the demands of his following.Read more at:QueenieAu | bridesmaid dresses australia