Here are 5 Things You Should Keep In Mind When Dating A Fashionista


So your girl’s hair is always set, her clothes always look beautiful and trendy and her makeup is on point. Is this how your girl is most of the times? Well by now we are sure you might have realized that you are dating a woman who is an absolute fashion lover. She is not the kinds to pick any random clothes when she is out shopping. A fashionista also ensures that even her man is dressed to the nines. No wonder you fell in love with her right? The way she puts in much thoughts and effort to look is so fascinating. However, there is more to a fashionista than just this. And these are things that every man must know about. So for your better understanding, here are the 5 most important things that you should know about dating a fashionista.

Intimate her about dates well in advance

If you are dating a fashion lover , this is one fact about her that you should know and accept gracefully. If you have plans of going out, whether it is a date or just a simple walk, tell her in advance. If the plan includes stepping out of home, your girl needs to get dressed. Do not even dare asking why, because fashion lovers just need reasons to get dressed and if you do not tell her in advance, consider your plan to be cancelled.

Every single day is a special day

Every single day for a fashion lover is a special day. They want to look good every day. Whether you are going for a late night movie or just a house party, they will still get dressed up.

Shopping is what she lives for

A fashion lover just needs excuses to shop. Every time there is an occasion,she will shop and you dare not stop her. She is sad, happy or stressed, only shopping can make her feel better. You being her guy have no option but to deal with it. In fact she will even insist you to shop so that even your wardrobe is updated.

She is addicted to social media

So she is dressed up each time she goes out and she obviously would love to put it up on social media. It can get a tad annoying but most fashion lovers are addicted to social media. Either to upload pictures or to take fashion inspiration from around. They just love being connected to fashion.

She will take a long time to get ready and you cannot complain

So we told you how you will find your fashion lover girl getting dressed up irrespective of whether there is an occasion or not. Now another fact is that she will take some time to get ready. She has to ensure her hair is done right, her make up is on point and she will also try out a few outfits before she finalizes one. Deal with it men!

So gentlemen, these are the 5 things that you need to keep in mind if your girl loves fashion. Be prepared for a makeover yourself, because she makes the fashion decisions.Read more at:QueenieAu | bridesmaid dresses online