It's a cover up


It's a cover up!

It's the situation every bride-to-be dreads - waking up the day of her wedding, looking in the mirror to be greeted by a giant spot.

Regardless of whether you are planning to walk down the aisle or strut to the dance floor, a pimple can prove problematic in any situation. But don't despair, as we spoke to one of the U.K.'s leading bridal make-up and hair experts, Bumblebee Bridal's Michelle Lacey, about how to cover up a spot in order to avoid ruining your big day.

- Help, I've woken up with a huge spot the day before my big event!

Firstly, calm down - stress doesn't help. Next, Michelle recommends using tea tree oil as it's a fantastic spot killer. Using a cotton bud, gently dab some pure tea tree oil directly onto the top of the pimple and watch it go down. If you haven't got any tea tree oil to hand, Sudocrem is another fantastic option.

- What products can I use to hide the spot on the day?

Michelle recommends priming the skin first, using a green primer to help reduce redness.

"For very bad spots, you can conceal first and then use a setting spray such as Urban Decay's All Nighter Setting Spray or NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray, to set the concealer", Michelle told Cover Media. "Follow with your foundation and then conceal again if required. Finish with powder and a bit more setting spray." She also suggested going heavier on the eyes or using a statement lip to help draw people's eyes away from the blemish.

- What can I do to avoid caking over the spot?

"Priming the area well and layering are important," Michelle advised. "Don't rush to cover the spot with a thick layer of concealer as it will just end up going cakey."

She recommends following her steps above, while also perhaps using a concealer usually meant for around the eyes, as they sit softer on the skin.

"I love the NYX Professional Makeup Concealer Wand and Maybelline's Eraser Eye," the beauty expert added. "Using a sponge to dab on the product can also work well, or use your finger to work the product into the affected area before finishing with a light powder."Read more at:bridesmaid dresses