Vogue fashion director Christine Centenera's guide to Adelaide

New York-based Vogue Australia fashion director was raised in Adelaide. Ahead of returning home for this week’s Vogue Festival she reveals her favourite things about her hometown.

What do you love most about Adelaide and South Australia?

"Firstly, my parents and half of my siblings and nieces live there — who I don’t get to see often enough — while I live in New York. Secondly, everything is so close by and there's not crazy traffic all the time. But in terms of the city itself, there’s been a cultural shift towards small business surrounded by a notable urban focus in food, fashion, art and the delivery of next level interior design.

Supporting the 'local makers' and 'handmade in SA' are hashtags dominated on social media forums. A strengthening of choice in local street markets and a drive in restaurant culture that present exceptional food choices that are both healthy and breaking the rules of the norm are exciting attributes for the industry. Adelaide’s Restaurant Orana was recently awarded the coveted restaurant of the year at the national Gourmet Traveller restaurant awards. It’s great to see a growth in local businesses that are opening shop to stock only locally made product and vintage wares. Street art is ramping up and local artist Lisa King is doing great things with the launch of her new space, Cult & Harper at the port. Wineries are always flourishing and delivering the outstanding results complimentary food.

The beaches at Port Willunga are my favourite. It will be interesting to see the launch of the new concept at Henley Beach this summer with a deckchair/umbrella serviced space reminiscent of European holidays."

Why do you think there is such a thriving cultural community in Adelaide?

"Liquor licensing laws were relaxed a little a couple years ago so there have been a lot of cool little bars that have popped up throughout the city. It's creating more intimate places for people to meet up and collaborate.

This thrust of support for local creatives gives young businesses the opportunity to thrive and deliver new concepts. Local government bodies and council initiatives provide grants which enable small business the opportunity to launch and activate Adelaide streets/laneways and unused spaces."

What makes it such a successful city for festivals and the arts?

"There are many great festivals that harness the best the state has to offer. With so much variety in local produce, alcohol and entertainment, each festival brings a new vibe and appreciation for what is loved about South Australia engaging the community and harnessing the power of local product, such as: the Winter Reds, the Beer Festival, the Barossa Gourmet Festival, AFF 2017, Oz Asia festival, Winterfest, the Fringe Festival, the Cabaret Festival."

What is it that makes Adelaide so unique?

"Product, people, ease of living, landscape."

Why is it enjoying such a cultural boon right now?

"The ideas injection by Adelaide creatives and support by local governing bodies enabling small business to flourish, for example the Adelaide fashion festival. It's like the whole city is getting a revamp. Food trucks are seen throughout the city. On any given weekend you can either pick from a handful of food, fashion, farmers markets to go to or go to one of the pop up events happening around town. Shared workplace spaces are staring to become prominent, all of which are bringing more and more people together."

What is your favourite place to eat or drink in Adelaide?

"Local Japanese-inspired favourite is Shobosho, local breakfast is Whistle & Flute and Crack Kitchen, Osteria Oggi, and an Adelaide Hills favourite pizza place is Lost in a Forest. Favourite watering hole is Proof, Hill of Grace (Filipino/Modern Australian) in the Adelaide oval, restaurant Orana (modern Australian bush tucker), and Star of Greece are some of my favourites."

What do you miss most about it when you are away?

"My family."

If you could have one day there doing some of your favourite things what would they be?

"The launch of the $15m d’Arenburg Wine Cube – tasting, visiting the Central Markets, breakfast at Crack Kitchen, heading down south to the beach at Port Willunga, dining at Shobushu or Osteria Oggi, shopping at local markets and small businesses for the best in locally made product. And doing any of the above with my family!"Read more at:formal dresses australia | celebrity dresses