Wedding is a costly affair. British newspaper the Sun has told the story of some of Georgina childs. 30-year-old resident of the town of Woodford (Essex), worked as the Manager of public relations for the last four years has been to 20 weddings and pre-wedding hen 12 of their friends. In seven cases it was the official “bridesmaid”. On two occasions, festivities were arranged abroad — in Spain. In the end she is completely bankrupt. Overall she spent on the wedding more than 13 thousand dollars. At the moment the amount of its debt is about three thousand dollars. The girl was forced to live with their parents, because can not afford to rent their own homes, reports the with reference to

  “I shudder when you receive the next invitation. I wish I had the opportunity to refuse, but how can you tell your friends that their wedding just doesn’t fit into your budget… Transportation costs, meals, hotel, gift, new dress” — a woman complains that she is not yet married,

  “I used to love going to weddings. It was so new and exciting and, although expensive, but before I could afford it. But in 2014 the invitations just fell one after the other. My calendar was booked, and the money flowed the river. I started to panic… I don’t even remember when was the last time get out of the house anywhere other than weddings… I don’t remember buying anything new that is not associated with the wedding,” adds Georgina, who soon was forced to take money on credit.

  “I don’t hate weddings… But would like to, I did not experience such pressure in anticipation that I would be the perfect guest,” says the Englishwoman.Read more at:peach bridesmaid dresses uk | royal blue bridesmaid dresses