Bridesmaid choose dress recommendations

 1, the color should be purple, green, pink, gray, burgundy, beige, etc. is appropriate. You shouldn't wear big reds to prevent you from seizing the Lord and you shouldn't wear black, etc.

  2, fabrics, the summer can choose chiffon, silk and other light and elegant fabrics, autumn and winter can turn to velvet, knitted texture, even more noble and generous.

  3, try to choose a well-cut outline, try to choose a good shape of building materials, such as: sexy knee-length skirt or similar 70's elegant dress.

  4, to participate in the wedding, to render a more full-bodied atmosphere of happiness, a pink knee-length dress is the best choice, light fabrics and colors will make you more intimate with the warm wedding atmosphere.

  5, we must pay attention to avoid wearing a small white dress Oh!

  6, dress like a cheongsam paragraph: a conservative style is on the election. For example, a small collar with Chinese elements is good. This dress can be worn for office and appointments and will not waste money for you.

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