Why are all the stars going to the wedding dress?

 But don't be blue and thin, letinous edodes. Sooner or later, everyone will have a single day! Whether it's single or ready to get married, it's always a matter of time to shoot wedding dresses, isn't it? First, go and see where people go to take wedding photos.

  Romantic summer mood in Bali IslandBali Island is not only a place where celebrities get together to do weddings, but the natural blue sea and blue sky are also suitable for wedding photography. In addition to the sandy beach, the sea water is blue and the four seasons are warm, there are many luxury hotels in Bali Island. They can also take a vacation while they are viewing.

  Therefore, the big power, Hawick Lau, Ruby Lin, Wallace Huo also set the wedding photo location in the romantic Bali Island.

  Beautiful paradise in the Southern Hemisphere - New ZealandAs one of the most beautiful countries in Oceania, New Zealand is also the rare clean land in the world. The soil and water resources are not polluted. The beauty of the scenery is pure and unaffected. No wonder the Lord of the rings is also looking for it here.

  Although Nicky Wu and Liu Shishi are also in Bali Island's wedding, they choose to take wedding photos in the New Zealand paradise, which may be the natural ornaments of this pure land.

  360 degrees of beauty without a dead angle - ParisIn Napoleon's eyes, Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. Indeed, in the eyes of the people who love it, the countless treasures of Le Louvre Museum, the inaccessible Notre virgin and the luxurious Champs Elysees street can all be intoxicated in the unique flavor of Paris!

  Romantic goddess Gao Yuanyuan and Angelababy are willing to freeze their most beautiful images on the streets of Paris.

  Both poetic and mysterious - Prague

  In the eyes of Kafka, Goethe, Mozart, Nietzsche and Kundla, the beauty of Prague is indescribable. Stepping into the complex stone alleys and looking at the dreamy town reflected in the sunset clouds, you may also understand why Prague is so enchanting.

  Jay Chou, with a dream of princess, gave a fairy tale vow to Kun Ling in Prague. The special talented person, Deron and Hsu Chi, who were indifferent and tranquil, also suddenly had a lifelong impulse to stay in Prague. It seems that Prague is indeed a city in love.

  The capital of literature and art - Florence

  When I mention Florence, I think of FERRERO ROCHER chocolate and Pinocchio. Of course, Florence has more fun. The street craftsmen, the musicians who play the violin, and the museums, the art galleries and the churches everywhere will make you fall in love with the town! The young people who like hi may be lost. There are few entertainment places such as nightclubs, dance halls and so on. People love golf and play football.

  Karen Mok married the first love in Italy when she was studying abroad. The wedding dress was chosen in Florence. Without exaggeration, only the most natural dependence is romantic.

  The paradise of the world - Bhutan

  The world's last open television and network country, the popularity of mobile phones even only 30%, there is no railway, is such a magical country, Bhutan people's happiness index is very high! The king of Bhutan attached the most importance to the happiness of the people. Every Bhutanese had houses and land. They did not pay money for seeing a doctor. They also enjoyed 11 years of free education.

  Carina Lau and Tony Leung's wedding photos are special and full of religious color. It is said that the two people chose to be married in Bhutan because Carina Lau had been troubled by emotional problems, moved by the French king Karmapa in India, and Bhutan was also a sign of marriage by Karmapa, the king of France.

  Distant and ideal -- Australia

  The blue sky, the pure lake water, the sprout Kola kangaroo, and the unrestrained attitude of Australians, make people want to stay in Australia for a minute.

  Vivian Hsu and her husband Li Yunfeng's wedding photo, or street style, or wilderness style, funny and cute!

  No fire between people - Tahiti

  The "Rainbow" of Banana Yoshimoto, a famous Japanese writer, tells about a girl's boundless yearning for a Tahiti. In order to go to a Tahiti, he spent a few years of his savings. Do you think Tahiti is worth it? Away from the turmoil, return to the most authentic life, encounter the most magical legend, lived a pure life one thousand years ago! Looking around the sea, counting the stars, agreeable will make you feel that everything is worth it!

  Of course, is it better to put on a wedding dress here, freeze frames, blue sky, beach, beauty and white gauze?

  The holy land of Carnival - Ibiza Island

  Ibiza island is a small island belonging to Spain. It literally means "Carnival, music and dance". And Ibiza itself is indeed an exuberant Island, a restless electronic music, a frenzied foam party, and in Ibiza you can completely enjoy playing!

  Many stars love Ibiza too. Shakira, Paris Hilton and Berlin Chan are here on vacation. Gigi Leung left the happiest look here.

  The southern state of love - Sanya

  People are yearning for the style of European architecture. When choosing wedding photos in foreign countries, they often neglect many distinctive cities in China. And Sanya is the best for honey loving lovers. There is no shortage of delicious food. This is a city you don't want to leave when you come.

  The wedding photo of Wang Lei and Li Xiaomeng was filmed in Sanya. The sea shore with light waves and simple and simple old buildings are the sweet background of a pair of happy pictures.

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